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About Shahi Laboratories

About us

Shahi Laboratories is a manufacturing organization of eastern system of medicine named Unani medicine in Bangladesh. As an expert manufacturer of unani product we have been serving the health concern community for more than 25 (twenty Five) years providing innovative product, technical assistance and customer support. Shahi Laboratories is such type of organization which always ready to give service to its customers, it always ready to help the people by curing their diseases. This organization is also ready to serve those who are poor and helpless patients. Shahi Laboratories always involve in serving and developing human life by implementing the scientific methods of unani medicines and medical services.

Shahi laboratories always tries to produce more effective medicine by combining the scientific knowledge and unani knowledge. It ensures better quality of product by different medical research.

Shahi laboratories do not work on behalf of or promote any particular health care provider or institution in Bangladesh. Its aim is to look after the best interest of prospective recipient of healthcare and provide the best resource at world-class medical facilities at a fraction of the cost


Renowned unani physician Hakeem Md. Shamsul Huda established Shahi laboratories (Unani) at Rajshahi, Bangladesh in 1985 with his younger brother Md. Maksumul Huda ( Hons, in Management). Production site was supervised by him and marketing site was supervised by his younger brother. Md. Shamsul Huda died in 2008, may 21. But after his sudden death the company became unstable and faced many problems for at least one and half year. Management and financial crisis was one of them. At that time his eldest son Md. Samiul Huda became the legal owner of the company. Now Md. Samiul Huda and Md. Maksumul Huda are jointly working for the development of the company. Company has its own research department for insuring the quality of existing product and for developing new products. Now it has 29 registered products and trying to develop more effective products by effective medicinal researches.

Shahi Laboratories: At a Glance

1985 The journey of Shahi Laboratories was started by renowned Unani Physician Hakim Md. Shamsul Huda at Rajshahi after getting unani medicine manufacturing licensed.
1985 Medicine preparation process was began for first time in its own land.
1986 An effective plan for medicine production and marketing was made by Late Hakim Shamsul Huda and his younger brother’s hard work and diligent effort.
1986 Syrup Sharbat Bujuri, Sharbat Chylosin, Arq Nankha, Araq Badian, Sharbat Karmina was produced for first as clinical item.
1988 One stored building construction was started for office, producing medicine and packaging of Shahilaboratories (Unani).
1989-90 Building construction was completed & moderated of manufacturing machineries and upheld production as per GMP.
1994 Started production and marketing of Hazmina, Arshatom and Tulsi.
1994 Took plan for producing medicine in tablet and capsule form beside syrup form, and for implementing the plan tablet, capsule and a blister machine was purchased step by step.
1995 Interior design of tablet and capsule section were done as per GMP.
1995 First tablet form of medicines, Eskof, Leucostat & Hormo-J were produced and marketed.
1995 For marketing the products an initiative was taken. And that was to represent necessary information about the medicines to renowned physician and requested them to prescribe.
1997 Menstab, Lemonat & jinex were produced and marketed.
1999 PILESTAB & NEUROLIC were produced and marketed.
2000 Pilestab, one of the most reliable and fully side effect free medicine for curing piles, were produced and marketed.
2006 Arox, Ulshitab, Alocon & Tamajin  were produced and marketed.
21st May, 2008 Pioneer of Unani medicine manufacturing our respected Hakim Shamsul Huda died at the age of 51 years due to his sudden illness.
28th May, 2008 After Hakim Shamsul Huda’s death his elder son Md. Samiul Huda and his younger brother Md. Maksumul Huda had taken the responsibility of the company.
2011 Delium & Ruly were produced and marketed.