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(Rawgon Surkh)


    Joint pain, Lumbago, Arthritis and Rheumatism.


    Each 60ml contains

    1 Indian Madder 15.9 ml
    2 Cassia 6.3 ml
    3 Myrica sapida 6.3 ml
    4 Usnea longisema 6.3 ml
    5 Nut grass 6.3 ml
    6 Sweet flag 6.3 ml
    7 Clove 6.3 ml
    8 Zedoary 6.3 ml
      And others ingredients  
      Ref : Bangladesh National Unani Formulary  


    Mode of Action

    Rully has been prepared from various types of medicinal herbs, which work synergistically on the production and repair of cartilage. It improves joint function significantly and relief moderate to severe arthritis pain. Rully helps in building connective tissues and acts as an analgesic to reduce traumatic pain.

    Rully enhance protein synthesis for tissue repair and strengthening connective tissue for healthier tendon and ligament. It also helps in muscular growth.

    Rully has an excellent capacity to repair the damaged articular cartilage and to nourish the synovial membrane to produce synovial fluid that provides smooth articular surface for painless movement.


    Apply sufficient quantity of oil on the affected area of the body or as directed by the physician.

    Side effects

    There is no known side effect other than hypersensitivity.


    Keep in cool, dry place and away from light and children.


    60ml PET bottle.