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(Qurs Muqavvi Khas)


    • Cures erectile dysfunction (E.D)
    • Prolongs the duration of coitus
    • Increases blood circulation to the genitalia
    • Makes stronger the sexual glands
    • Increases the density of semen
    • Can strengthen the ligaments and tendon
    • Can overcome physical and mental tiredness
    • Enhances sexuality

    Active ingredients:

    Each 500mg tablet contains:

    1 Yolk of hen’s egg 120 mg
    2 Greater galangal 100mg
    3 Asphaltum 60 mg
    4 Ambergris 48 mg
    5 Mace 40 mg
    6 Saffron 40 mg
    7 Argentam 31 mg
    8 Musk-Xylol 10 mg
    9 Testicular extract 10 mg
    10 Clove 10 mg
    11 Nux vomica 10 mg
    12 Cantharides 10 mg
    and other ingredients
    Ref : Bangladesh National Unani Formulary

    Mode of Action:

    Menten is a unique natural aphrodisiac capsule for youthful vigor and vitality. It is an ideal tonic for overcoming physical and nervous tiredness, mental calmness, and curing all types sexual dysfunction due to inadequate male hormone. The unique formulation of Menten has been developed especially for increasing libido, elevating mood and mental freshness. The main component of Menten is- Amino acid (L-arginine), Enzyme (Allicin), Vitamin B complex, Vitamin -C, E, and lots of Minerals. Amino acid is essential for secreting follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and Leutinizing hormone (LH) from pituitary gland.
    L-arginine amino acid also helps to prepare the nitric oxide (NO), which plays an important role to build a complete erectile system. Allicin widen the blood vessel and increases blood flow. Vitamin and Minerals presents in Menten, to provide body strength and helpful for nutrition building. It also helps to prolong the duration of coitus. It helps to overcome physical and nervous tiredness, mental calmness, and all types of weakness of sex organ or organs, all types sexual dysfunction due to inadequate male hormone and help to come back the young adult. It is effective in sexual disorders like spermatorrhea, frequent night pollution, loss of semen and premature ejaculation. It is also said to increase the power of retention of semen. Even extremely debilitated patients suffering from the bad consequences of masturbation are believed to get rejuvenated by its use and attain retentive power. It improves the viscidity of semen and is an excellent medicine for spermatorrhea.
    Normally diabetic patients feel tired if increase the sugar level into the blood. So they often lose the sexual tendency due to before mentioned problem. Menten can help to overcome these types of problem and helps to regain sexual ability permanently.

    Dosage Schedule:
    Hormonal Disorder: 1 Cap morning and 1 Cap evening after meal.
    Organic Deformity of Penis: 2 Cap morning and 2 Cap evening after meal.
    Psychological causes: 1 Cap morning and 1 cap evening after meal.

    Exercise is important. Because exercise stimulates the sex hormone. Vegetables, onion, bread, skimmed milk should betaken during medication.

    Each box contains 24 capsules in blister strip.

    Menten is fully sugar free