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(Habbe Mudir)


    Amenorrhea, Dysmenorrhea and irregular menstrual cycle.

    Active Ingredients

    Each gram of tablet contains-

    1 Aloe vera 0.59 gram
      C. Comp Aloin, Chrysophanic acid, Uronic acid, Gum, Resin and Glycosides  
    2 Ferrous Sulphate (Hiracosis) 0.29 gm
      C. Comp Ferrous Sulphate  
    3 Saffron 0.12 gm
      C. Comp Moisture, Starch, Essential oil, Fixed oil, Crude fibre, Riboflavin, Thiamine and tertiary alcohol, Glycosides, Zeaxanthine  
      Other ingredients  
      Ref : Bangladesh National Unani Formulary  

    Mode of Action 

    Menstab acts on Amenorrhea. It also acts on dysmenorrhea and irregular menstrual cycle due to dysfunction of hormone. Late beginning of menstrual cycle, ceasation of menstrual cycle due to unusual etiology.

    Action of Aloe Vera

    Stomachic, Purgative, Emmenagogue, Anthelmintic, Constipation, Cathartic and Menstrual Suppressions.

    Action of Ferrous Sulphate

    For the production of Haemoglobin (Red blood corpuscle) Myoglobin (red pigment in muscles)

    Action of Saffron

    Dried stigmas and tops of the styles used in fevers. Melancholia and enlargement of the liver, Stimulant, Stomachic in catar affections.

    Dosage Schedule

    1-2 tabs thrice daily after meal with warm water or as the direction of the physician.


    It is contra-indicated for the pregnant women and for the children. There is a possibility of abortion. So, in pregnant period Menstab should be avoided. The patient should be examined either she is pregnant or not, before start the course.


    It should be discontinue on the beginning of menstrual cycle. But for a chronic case it may require more. In these cases another course should be began after 15 days of the usual dosage.

    Side Effects

    Harmful for pregnant women.


    No interactions with diet, antacid or any other drugs yet been reported.


    Each box contains 50 tablets in blister strip.


    N.B.: Menstab is fully sugar free