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(Sharbat Jinsin)


    General weakness, tiredness, physical and all other weakness

    Active Ingredients

    Each 5ml contains-

    1 Cassia 75.00 mg
    2 Cinnamon 75.00 mg
    3 Trailing Eclipta 75.00 mg
    4 Zedoary 75.00 mg
    5 Emblic Myrobalan 75.00 mg
    6 China root 75.00 mg
    7 Guava 75.00 mg
    8 Hanbane 75.00 mg
    9 Clove 75.00 mg
    10 Mace 75.00 mg
    11 Nutmeg 75.00 mg
    12 White Behen 75.00  mg
    13 Red Behen 75.00 mg
    14 Sandal wood 37.50 mg
    15 Ginger 37.50 mg
    16 Black caraway 18.75 mg
    17 Fennel 18.75 mg
    18 Winter cherry 18.75 mg
    and other ingredients
    Ref : Bangladesh National Unani Formulary


    Mode of Action

    Jinex is an effective unani medicine for General weakness, tiredness, physical and all other weakness. One of its major ingredient “winter cherry” acts as an antioxidant and retarding aging process. Jinex develops adaptogenic and immune system. It improves physical and mental weakness. It helps to develop necessary enzymes and hormones. Jinex helps to build a healthy life by fulfilling all necessary required nutrients of the body. It removes general weakness and drowsiness.

    Dosage & Administration

    Adult: 2-4 tea spoonfuls twice or thrice daily after meal.

    Children: Half of the adult dosage.

    Side Effect

    No side effects yet been reported.

    Drug Interaction

    No interaction with any other drugs yet been reported.


    Keep in cool and dry place, away from light & children.


    Each bottle contains 400ml.