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(Qurs Awjaee)


    Pain and inflammation in rheumatic and musculoskeletal disorders, surgical and other trauma, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis. osteo arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and lumbago-sciatica. It is also indicated in morning stiffness of joints, frozen shoulder and any painful traumatic disorders.

    Active Ingredients

    Each 500mg capsule contains-

    1 Ebglish-Salep (Orchid) 250 mg
    2 Turpeth 25 mg
    3 Colchicum 20 mg
    4 Winter cherry 15 mg
    5 Ipomoea paniculata 15 mg
    6 Ginger 15 mg
    7 Long piper 15 mg
    8 Asparagus 10 mg
    9 Aloe Vera 5 mg
    10 Sweet Fenel 5 mg
    11 Bdelium 5 mg
    and other ingredients
    Ref : Bangladesh National Unani Formulary

    Mode of Action

    EJA has been prepared from various types of medicinal herbs, which work synergistically on the production and repair of cartilage. It improves joint function significantly and relief moderate to severe arthritic pain. EJA helps in building connective tissues and acts as an analgesic to reduce traumatic pain.

    EJA enhance protein synthesis for tissue repair and strengthening connective tissue for healthier tendon and ligament. It also helps in muscular growth.

    EJA has an excellent capacity to repair the damaged articular cartilage and to nourish the synovial membrane to produce synovial fluid that provides smooth articular surface for painless movement.

    EJA acts as a strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent by inhibiting the prostaglandin synthesis.

    Dosage and administration

    In mild case: One cap twice daily after meal for 15-20 days.

    In severe and chronic case: Two caps twice daily for three days then, one cap twice daily after meal for one month.

    Or as directed by the physician.

    Side effects

    There is no known side effect other than hypersensitivity.


    • EJA is devoid of artificial color, hormonal ingredients and sugar. So it can be safely used in pregnant, lactating mothers and diabetic patients.
    • EJA is an herbal product. So there is no significant gastric irritation and can be used safely in peptic ulcer disease.
    • It is suitable for long term therapy without any unwanted side effects.
    • EJA is safe for cardiac and asthmatic patients.
    • Unlike other NSAID EJA has no interference in coagulation procedure. Therefore, EJA can be used safely during tooth extraction, DNC, Post-partum period and other minor surgery.


    Keep in cool, dry place and away from light and children.


    Each box contains 50 capsules in blister strip.