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(Sharbat Kurchi)


    Piles (Haemorrhoids), per rectal haemorrhage due to piles, burning sensation of anal canal, chronic dysentery and constipation.

    Active Ingredients:

    Each 200ml contains-

    1 Embelia 114.0 gm
    2 Conesse root bark 14.0 gm
    3 Ginger 14.0 gm
    4 Black pepper 14.0 gm
    5 Long pepper 14.0 gm
    6 Beleric myrobalan bark 14.0 gm
    7 Bengal quince 4.0 gm
    8 Emblic myrobalan 1.4 gm
    9 Ceylon lead wort 1.4 gm
    10 Dyer’s oleander 1.4 gm
    11 Indian barberry 1.4 gm
    12 Greater galangal 1.4 gm
    13 Aconite 1.4 gm
    and other ingredients
    Ref : Bangladesh National Unani Formulary

     Mode of Action

    Arshatom from herbal resources is a powerful preventive and curative medicine for haemorrhoids. Some of its constituents act as purgative by softening the hard stool, so it relieves strain and painful defecation. Major constitutes of Arshatom are “Calcium” as blood clotting factor, “Fatty acid” as fibronolytic increasing factor, “Vitamin A and C” as anti oxidant and fresh and healthy tissue forming factor to promote healing of injured mucous membrane, “Resin and Gum” as injured membrane covering factor and “Sulphur” as anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti-microbial factor. All the major ingredients of Arshatom act together to resists the advancement of haemorrhoids and keeps faecal passage healthy.  The herbal lubricant and anti-microbial stop advancement and cure piles.

    Advantages of Arshatom.

    • Arshatom has no artificial color, chemical, narcotics or any hormonal ingredients, so it can easily be used in pregnant women, lactating mothers, children & cardiac patients.
    • Arshatom is free from sugar, so it can be given safely to diabetic patients.
    • No interactions with diet, antacid or any other drugs yet been reported.
    • Quick absorption & therapeutic effects.

     Dosage & Administration

    Adult    –         6 tea spoonful twice daily before meal,

    Child –  Half of the adult dosage.

    Side Effect

    No side effects yet been reported.

    Drug Interaction

    No interaction with any other drugs yet been reported.


    Keep in cool and dry place, away from light & children.


    Each bottle contains 200ml.