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(Kushta Sadaf)


    Leucorrhoea, Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding (D.U.B), Delayed menopause, Loss of Libido and Flaccid female breast.

    Active Ingredients

    Each tablet contains-

    1 Oyster 200 mg
    C. Com Calcium carbonate Zinc sulphate
    2 Milk of Madder tree sufficient quantity
    C. Com Glutathione
    And other ingredients
    Ref : Bangladesh National Unani Formulary

    Mode of Action

    Leucostat is an ideal medicine used in leucorrhoea, Physical and mental weakness. Its main ingredient is Oysters, naturally formed. It contains natural calcium carbonate and zinc sulphate. Supplement of zinc increases the immune system of human body and it works against bacteria by enhancing the Leucocytic activity of blood against micro-organism.

    Leucostat contains very high concentration of zinc sulphate which cures leucorrhoea promptly and permanently.

    It acts on uterine inflammation, sexual dysfunction, burning sensation during micturition and coitus, itching of vulva and vaginal oozing, burning sensation of face and limbs, migraine, irregular menstrual cycle followed by physical and mental discomfort.

    DUB occurs when there is an imbalance of female sexual hormones. Zinc has a capacity to balance the hormones thus curing DUB and control the irregular menstruation. Zinc helps to form insulin, which helps to increase appetite, remove excessive fat and control blood glucose level.

    Also Zinc aids in the treatment of infertility of human body. Elderly women specially who has menopause, zinc helps to delay the menopause.

    Zinc has a capacity to govern the contractibility of muscles, in this way; it acts on flaccid mammary gland which strengthens the muscles of the female breast. Ultimately the breast becomes well-shaped.

    If face is badly blemished zinc is the excellent therapy and also it has a capacity in the growth and repairmen of injured tissues. Another feature of zinc is to promote mental alertness and aids in proper brain function.

    Moreover, calcium keeps the skin softer and smoother. Cysteine helps in maintaining supple, young looking skin. Oyster forms red blood cells for the production of  haemoglobin.

    Beside this, Leucostat contains glutathione, that acts as a powerful antioxidant which inhibits the formation of free radicals and retards aging process.

    Causes of Leucorrhoea

    1. Any infection in the genital tract, such as ulcer, erosion, tumor or pelvic infection.
    2. In some women, use of oral contraceptive pills or use of intra uterine contraceptive device.
    3. Hormonal disturbance.
    4. In pregnancy, the vaginal discharge increases as a result of enlargement and hyperactivity of uterus.
    5. Malnourishment or general weakness.
    6. Psychological factors such as anxiety, depression etc.
    7. Irregular food habits and intake of spicy and pungent food.

    Dosage & Administration

    Leucorrhoea: One tab thrice daily for 15 days after meal.

    D.U.B (Dysfunctional uterine bleeding): Initially two tabs thrice daily for 3 days, then one tab thrice daily for 10 days after meal.

    Delayed Menopause: Initially two tabs thrice daily for 7 days, then one tab thrice daily for 15 days after meal

    Flaccid Mammary Gland: Initially two tabs thrice daily for 15 days, then one tab twice daily for 30 days after meal

    Uterus Prolapsed: Initially one tab thrice daily for 5 days after meal.

    Infertility: Initially one tab twice daily for 1 month after meal.

    Antioxidant: Initially one tab twice daily for 2 weeks after meal.

    Libido: Initially one tab thrice daily for 5 days, then one tab twice daily for 15 days after meal.

    The above schedule dosage may be changed as directed by the physician.


    No hormonal ingredients or artificial color present in Leucostat. So it can be easily used in pregnant women, lactating mother and menstrual cycle.

    Side Effect

    No side effects yet been reported.

    Drug Interaction

    No interaction with any other drugs yet been reported.


    Butter, ghee, skimmed milk, cheese, fish, begetables, fruit juice, spinach, onions should be taken during medicated by Leucostat.


    Keep in cool and dry place, away from light & children.


    Each box contains 100 tablets in blister strip.