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(Habb-e Bawaseer Badi)


    Piles (Internal & External) bleeding & Constipation.

    Active Ingredients

    Each Capsule contains

    Bedellium – 175 mg
    C.Com : Essential oil, Gummy substance, Resin, Terpenoids constituents

    Berberis Aristata – 175 mg
    (a) Alkaloids viz, Berberine, Oxyacanthine
    (b) Sterols viz, betasitosteroi, Gamma-sitosterol
    (c) Unidentified gummy containing Nitrogen

    Juice of Raphanus Leaf – Sufficient Quantity
    C.Com : Calcium, Ascorbic acid, Vit-A, Essential oil

    Juice of Margosa Leaf – Sufficient Quantity
    C.Com : Fatty acid, Sulphur, Highly pungent essential oil

    Ref : Bangladesh National Unani Formulary.

    Mode of Action

    Pilcon from herbal resources is a preventive and curative for haemorrhoids. Some of its constituents act as purgative by softening the hard stool. So it relieves strain and painful defecation. Calcium is a blood clotting factor. Fatty acid increases the fibronolytic activity and thus influences upon the blood clotting. Vitamin-C and Vitamin-A promote healing of injured anal/rectal mucous by forming fresh and healthy tissue. Resin and Gum form a sticky covering on the injured mucous membrane, alleviate the pain and itching. So the mucoid discharge stopped. Sulphur acts as an anti-microbial and fights against bacteria and fungus. Thus it resists the advancement of haemorrhoids and keeps faecal passage healthy. The herbal lubricant and anti-microbial stop advancement & cure piles (Haemorrhoids).

    Dosage & Administration

    For Primary Haemorrhoids & related diseases

    1st degree : 2 capsules twice daily after meal for 10 to 15 days .
    2nd degree : 2 capsules twice daily after meal for 20 to 30 days.
    3rd degree : 2 capsules twice daily after meal for 30 to 40 days.

    Children : Half of the dosages of the adult or as directed by the physician.

    For Chronic and Complicated Haemorrhoids

    2 capsules thrice daily after meal for first 7 days, then 2 capsules twice daily after meal for next 4 weeks.


    1. Papiya, Arum, Fiber cellulose, Carrots, Apples, Beets, Green Beans, Oat Bran, Peas should be taken
    during medication of Pilcon.
    2. Do not strain when moving bowels.
    3. Exercise is important, Drink plenty of liquid.
    4. Take a hip bath daily.

    Side Effect: There is no known side effect of Pilcon yet been reported.

    Storage: Keep in cool and dry place, away from children.

    Presentation: Each box contains 60 capsules in blister strip.