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(Habbe Jalinoos)


    Packaging Size : 3×10 (Tablets).
    Packaging Type: Alu-ALu.

    Price: 600.00 BDT (Per Box)



    Physical, nervous and sexual weakness.

    Active Ingredients

    Each tablet contains.

    1. Allium cepa (পেয়াজ-বীজ)- 24.67 mg

    2. Brucea sativa (হালিম-বীজ)- 24.67 mg

    3. Allium ascalonicum (পেয়াজী-বীজ)-27.67mg

    4. Pastinaca secacul  (শাকাকুল মিছরী)-  37.00 mg

    5. Orchis latifolia (ছালাব মিছরী) – 12.33 mg

    6. Phoenix dactylifera (খোরমা) – 24.67 mg

    and others ingredients.

    Ref: Bangladesh National Unani Formulary. 

    Major Functions

    • Develops hormone.
    • Develops aphrodisiac.
    • Prolong the duration of coitus.
    • Increases retentive power.
    • Enhances sexuality.
    • Strengthen nervous system.
    • Increases density of semen.

    Mode of Action

    Hormo-J is an exceptional and powerful medicine that can enhance and aphrodisiac sexuality. It is an ideal sex tonic that acts is to extend the length and width of penis during sexual intercourse. It also helps to prolong the duration of coitus. It helps to overcome physical and nervous tiredness, mental calmness, and all types of weakness of sex organ or organs, all types sexual dysfunction due to inadequate male hormone and help to come back up the young adult.

    It is effective in sexual disorders like spermatorrhea, frequent night discharges, loss of semen and premature ejaculation. It is also said to increase the power of retention of semen. Even extremely debilitated patients suffering from the bad consequences of masturbation are believed to get rejuvenated by its use and attain retentive power. It improves the viscidity of semen and is an excellent medicine for spermatorrhea.

    Normally diabetic patients feel tired if increase the sugar level into the blood. So they often lose the sexual tendency above-mentioned problem. Hormo-J can help to overcome these types of problem and helps to regain sexual ability permanently.

    Dosage Schedule

    Hormonal disorders: 1 tab morning and 2 tabs evening after meal.

    Organic deformity of penis: 2 tabs morning and 2 tabs evening after meal.

    Psychological causes: 1 tab morning and 1 tab evening after meal.

    Physical causes, peripheral vascular disease, neurological problem, medications and drugs: 1 tab thrice daily after meal or as directed by the physician.


    Exercise is important, because exercise stimulates the release of growth hormone. Vegetable, onion, bread, skimmed milk should be taken during medicated by the Hormo-J.

    Side effect

    Tendency of vomiting may arise if Hormo-J is taken in empty stomach.


    Hormo-J should not be taken during pregnancy.


    No interaction with diet, antacid or any other drug has been reported.

    Hormo-J is fully sugar free


    Each box contains 30 tablets in (Alu ALu) strip.