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(Qurs Muqavve Khas)


    Sexual, Neuro and Health Tonic.

    Active Ingredients

    Each 500mg tablet contains:

    1 Yolk of hen’s egg 120 mg
    2 Greater galangal 100mg
    3 Asphaltum 60 mg
    4 Ambergris 48 mg
    5 Mace 40 mg
    6 Saffron 40 mg
    7 Argentam 31 mg
    8 Musk-Xylol 10 mg
    9 Testicular extract 10 mg
    10 Clove 10 mg
    11 Nux vomica 10 mg
    12 Cantharides 10 mg
    and other ingredients
    Ref : Bangladesh National Unani Formulary


    Mode of Action

    Arox is an excellent sex stimulant medicine for male. It has been specially formulated from herbal resources, which contains various types of vitamin, mineral and hormone. This purifying rejuvenating compound is used for good health and the treatment of sexual inability. Arox contains carotene (Vit-A), thiamine (Vit-B1), riboflavin (Vit-B2), calcium, potassium, magnesium and nitrogenous compound.

    Arox contains amberin which has power of retention. It acts on memory retention and also acts on male reproductive organ. It prolongs the duration of coitus. Vit-B1 improves mental attitude, Vit-B2 metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins. It also aid in growth and reproduction. Vit-A helps in the removal of age spots and aid in proper function of the immune system. The mineral, calcium develops central nervous system. It is very necessary in human body. Human body contains approximately 21gm of magnesium. It gives relief from indigestion and help to prevent calcium deposits, kidney and gallstone and aid in fighting against depression. Calcium magnesium works together for cardio-vascular health.

    Arox contains hormone which repairs the tissue, strengthens the connective tissue for healthier tendon and ligament and enhance protein synthesis for muscular growth. The consequence of these different types of vitamin, mineral and hormone works synergistically that makes a new life with a new friend.

    Arox could help the patients to be treated for erectile dysfunction (E.D) when taken correctly. It is an important medicine for the treatment of physical and nervous weakness, mental tiredness, sexual inability, libido, all types of sexual dysfunction due to inadequate male hormone. It is also helpful for the treatment of erectile dysfunction which often called “Impotence”.

    It is real break through sex enhancer medicine that can help the patient to lead a happy, confident and complete conjugal life.

    Arox is a powerful anti-oxidant and stimulant. It stimulates the immune system of the human body. It helps the smooth muscle in the penis to relax and widen which allows for more blood to enter, the consequence of this sex stimulating Arox is to make patients errection faster and easier.

    Dosage & Administration

    Generally one tab daily at bed time. In case of severe sexual weakness 2 tabs daily with or after meal or as directed by the physician.

    Side Effect

    Generally well tolerated on prescribed doses. No significant side effects have been reported till now. Slight chance of vomiting if Arox is taken in empty stomach as it may affect the absorption or gastric secretion.


    There is no known contra-indication.

    Drug Interaction

    No drug interaction has so far been reported with this product.


    Arox should be used cautiously in heart disease, hypertension or should be avoided for severe cardiac and renal patients.

    1. Butter, ghee, skimmed milk, egg, fruit juice, onion and vegetables should be taken regularly during medication of Arox.
    2. Exercise is important, because exercise stimulates to release of hormone growth.


    Keep in cool and dry place, away from light & children.


    Each box contains :  10 x 1 Arox in blister strip.

    : 10 x 10 Arox in blister strip.